How to Choose

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Garlic (Allium sativum) has two sub species, soft neck (sativum) and hard neck (ophioscorodon).

Softneck garlic is characterized by a soft central stem, surrounded by several layers of cloves. They are non-bolting and produce very large bulbs and are great for braiding.

Hardnecks garlics are favored by chefs for having exceptional flavor, and large easy to peel cloves. They do well in cold climates, and have medium storage quality. They are characterized by a strong woody stem growing in the center.

Rocambole garlics are the most widely known of the hardneck garlics. They have a more full bodied flavor than the soft necks.

Porcelain garlic is known for its high content of allicin. Allicin helps lower cholesterol, boost the immune system and increases circulation and has incredible flavor.

Artichoke garlic strains are very vigorous and large bulbed and have several overlapping layers of cloves.

Purple Stripe  garlics are distinctive from Rocamboles because their leaves grow at wider angles to the stem and store fairly well.

Marbled Group have only 4 to 7 cloves per bulb and store slightly longer than either Rocamboles garlic or standard Purple Stripes garlic.

              Planting at least 23 Gourmet varieties of garlic each year